Mobile Long Distance Water Supply System Vehicle

Chassis 10 wheels (6x2) Minimum 350 HP engine
GVW. not less than 25 Tons.
Long distance water supply unit To be used for pumping water from remote water sources consists of:
1. Base unit for loading and transporting the pump unit, hose recovery unit and equipment compartment.
2. Pump unit
- Pump with floaters enable to pump the water at the maximum pumping rate not less than 8,000 LPM at minimum 2 bar pressure and maximum pumping rate not less than 2,500 LPM at minimum 8 bar pressure. Suction lift not less than 50 meters.
- Engine: 6 cylinders, 4 strokes with minimum 180 HP.
- Hydraulic system with maximum working pressure not less than 320 bar.
- Hydraulic hose reel.
- Hydraulic winch.
3. Hose Carrier/ Recovery unit
Made of steel plate structure to load 6” (150 mm.) diameter delivery hose at 2,500 m. in total length.
4. Hose recovery equipment
5. Accessories compartment
Equipment Hooklift
Large diameter delivery hose
Portable monitor
other related equipment