About Us

Chase Enterprise (Siam) Co., Ltd.

Leading in fire fighting , rescue vehicle and
special purpose vehicles for more than 40 years

With the vision to be the leader in supplying the complete range of vehicle for various applications. starting from design to quality assembly the whole unit to suit your applications, our wide range of products and services include:
Fire Fighting and Emergency Rescue Vehicle

  Structural Fire Fighting Vehicle
  Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicle
  Aerial Platform Fire Fighting Vehicle
  Rescue Vehicle
  Industrial Fire Fighting Vehicle
  Forest Fire Fighting Vehicle
  Emergency Lighting Vehicle
  Mobile Command Vehicle
  Fire Fighting Boat
  Rescue Boat

Environmental Vehicle

Vacuum Cleaner Tanker
Road Sweeper Vehicle
Vacuum Tank Truck
Hydraulic Hook Lift Vehicle
Recycle Waste Vehicle
Sewage Vacuum Vehicle

Special Application Vehicle

  Satellite Communication Vehicle
  Water Treatment System Vehicle
  Cash Transport Vehicle
  Aircraft Refueller Vehicle
  Ari Boat
  Emergency Lighting Vehicle


Transportation Vehicle

  Coach / Bus

We are also the leading supplier of fire fighting equipments, rescue equipments, personnel safety equipments and environmental protection equipments from various countries. We also provide training and after sales services.
Certified according to ISO 9001:2008, you can be ensured of our quality products and services provided to meet your satisfaction