Ambulance Vehicle


Chassis 4x2 drive
Structure Steel frame with Glass fiber Reinforced Polyester (GRP) wall.
Floor Self supporting steel frame covered with insulated PVC carpet
Wall sandwich construction, exterior and interior surfaces made of GRP. Fire retardant Polyurethane foam for core with insulated feature. Easy to clean.

Specially designed to be high ceiling type made of GRP with steel structure inside and insulated feature.

Door Left and side sliding door. Lift up door at the rear fitted with window and reflective strips
Equipment locker open from outside the vehicle. Fitted at the rear corner of the vehicle on both side. Left side locker stores the back plate and scoop, right side locker stores oxygen tanks. Front corner locker stores electrical equipment, rescue equipment, spare battery and etc. 
Window Sliding window type fitted at the wall separated the driver cabin and rear body section.
Equipment Stretcher with wheels.
Strecher table hydraulic.
Phlegm suction unit (wall type)
Vacuum back plate with pump
Back plate with belt.
6 units of 10 L. oxygen cylinder.